Strategic Directions

Our Vision

A community that celebrates inclusion and inspires possibilities.

Our Mission

We are committed to supporting people with an intellectual disability to achieve their goals and dreams; empowering them to flourish as full citizens who are valued in their community.

1. Transform Services & Enhance Support Offerings

  • Expand the range of innovative person-directed & flexible supports to respond to diverse needs and abilities.
  • Re-imagine service delivery to respond to the changing needs of people supported and families.
  • Advance technology-enabled and virtual supports as an additional option to in-person.
  • Design new accommodation support options that help people reach their full potential.
  • Increase focus on children’s services including youth with complex special needs.

2. Expand Key Partnerships and Strategic Connections

  • Enhance existing partnerships and pursue new connections with other sectors.
  • Seek opportunities to leverage and develop partnerships and collaborations.
  • Concentrate efforts in the business community to showcase Career Compass Employment Services.
  • Expand outreach with the education sector to promote student preparedness and skill development for adulthood.

3. Strengthen the Agency Business Model

  • Assess the impact and learnings from the pandemic to develop and proactively implement strategies for continued resilience.
  • Develop a robust employee recruitment and retention strategy.
  • Drive innovation that supports flexibility and modernization within the agency and shared externally.
  • Regular review of social, economic, community and government factors to direct activities that support adaptability, sustainability and growth.
  • Anticipate and prepare for changes in government funding models.
  • Diversify and increase revenue streams by exploring opportunities to leverage in-house expertise and resources.

4. Enhance Stakeholder Engagement

  • Further champion the Together One Dream partnership with Ensemble and New Day to enrich service delivery.
  • Nurture and strengthen connections with families to enhance agency responsiveness and aid in the development of a lifespan approach to services.
  • Meaningfully engage employees at all levels of the agency.
  • Enhance and strengthen relationships with community supporters, members, volunteers, and donors.