New Day – Leaders of Today

Informing and teaching others about rights, duties and how to advocate for themselves

What is New Day?

New Day is a self-advocacy group involving people with intellectual disabilities who receive supports from Community Living Essex County. New Day members work together and independently to increase awareness both within the organization, as well as within the community about what it means to live with a disability.

What We Do

  • Attend conferences, retreats and workshops and share information with others.
  • Meet once a month as a group.
  • Discuss media issues.
  • Networks with other agencies and groups across Canada to discuss disability issues.
  • Promote and develop public speaking skills.
  • Discuss fundraising ideas.
  • Work with agencies to make information easier to understand.

Mission Statement

New Day is committed to informing and teaching others about rights, duties and how to advocate for themselves. By sharing our abilities we can inspire people to believe in themselves and open minds to new possibilities.

The following BILL OF RIGHTS was developed by members of New Day and forms the foundation on which their self- advocacy work is built upon.

  • The Right to be safe
  • The Right to be heard
  • The Right to respectful support
  • The Right to citizenship
  • The Right to privacy
  • The Right to choose what I do with my day
  • The Right to relationships
  • The Right to say no
  • The Right to self-advocacy
  • The Right to make decisions
  • The Right to be proud of who I am
  • The Right to dream and have goals

Contact Us:

To find out more about New Day, Leaders of Today please call 519-776-6483, ext 267, or e-mail us at