Making connections, inspiring strength, together.

Ensemble is a parent-directed resource for families caring for a child with a disability that provides support from birth through life. The name, Ensemble, is French for “together” and was chosen for the strength and resiliency found in the connections built between families and within the community.

Ensemble inspires possibilities for children by promoting family leadership so that families thrive and become active members in the community.

Ensemble was founded in 2000 by two moms whose lives have been affected by their children’s diagnosis of a disability. These moms understood the importance of connecting to others as the first step in helping families cope with the challenges of raising a child with a disability.

Vision & Mission

The vision of Ensemble is that families will be strengthened and feel less isolated and alone. Ensemble’s mission is to strengthen families in supporting other families while encouraging, educating, and empowering families raising children with disabilities to contribute to creating a supportive and welcoming community for everyone.

Our Supports

We strive to provide emotional and informational support to parents and families impacted by a family member with a disability from the time of diagnosis through adulthood. Ensemble offers information resources through our website, www.ensembleunderstands.com, to assist families with their specific needs across the lifespan. Ensemble welcomes everyone to join our email list to stay connected to each other, to current issues, and community events that concern people with disabilities.

Ensemble’s focus is on supporting families, fostering parent to parent connections, and family leadership. Family leadership and support has proven to be increasingly beneficial in the lives of families affected by children with disabilities. Parent to parent support offers feelings of inclusion, acceptance, and understanding, contributing to the emotional well-being and stability of families. Ensemble has proven to be an asset to families through guidance, advocacy and support.


Ensemble truly values our community partnerships since we believe that families working together with professionals will provide positive and favorable outcomes for our children. We welcome community partners to join our email listing, Ensemble’s Community Connections. Occasionally, we ask our community connections to show their support for people with developmental disabilities through email initiatives to local community leaders and organizations, and to government. Together, we can build a welcoming and supportive community for everyone.

How You Can Support the Vision and Mission of Ensemble

Ensemble greatly appreciates the full support and funding we receive from Community Living Essex County which enables us to do the work we do. You can also support Ensemble by making a contribution payable to Community Living Essex County and specifically directing the contribution to Ensemble. As a registered charity and non-profit organization, Community Living Essex County will issue income tax receipts for charitable donations and in memoriam donations.

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