Access Services

Taking the First Steps

All supports, services and direct funding for adults with developmental disabilities in Ontario are allocated through a single point of access, Developmental Services Ontario (DSO).

Connecting with Supports and Services

Developmental Services Ontario is an agency that is funded by the Ministry of Children Community and Social Services (MCCSS) and mandated to assist adults with developmental disabilities to connect to the following Supports and Services in their Communities:

  • Residential Supports
  • Caregiver Respite
  • Community Participation Supports (employment, volunteering, recreation or in-home supports)
  • Professional and Specialized Services
  • Person-directed planning
  • Other supports to assist people with developmental disabilities to become more actively involved in their community.

Confirming eligibility for Adult Developmental Services in Ontario includes:

  • Completed psychological assessment confirming developmental disability
  • Confirmation of age (must be 18yrs of age or older)
  • Confirmation of Ontario Residency

Once a person has been confirmed as eligible for Services the application process may begin.

The Application Process includes two meetings with DSO Assessors:

Completing the Application for Developmental Supports and Services (ADSS)

A DSO assessor will meet with the person and or their family to complete the application. This will include the gathering of some general/background information to help form an understanding of the person’s needs.

Completing the Support Intensity Scale (SIS)

Once the Application for Developmental Supports and Services (ADSS) has been completed, a second meeting will be scheduled with the DSO assessor to complete the Support Intensity Scale (SIS).

After the completion of the ADSS and the SIS information from both is summarized into an “Assessors Report”. This information is then used for the purpose of “Service Planning” with Developmental Service agencies.

How Can We Help?

Community Living Essex County recognizes that applying for Adult Developmental Services can be an overwhelming task for many. As such, we would love to assist you and provide support to you and or your family as you navigate the eligibility/application process. For further information on how we may be able to assist, please contact Shelbey Pillon at 519-776-6483 ext. 276 or or click here for the DSO application.