Respite Supports (In & Out of Home)

Allowing caregivers to take time for themselves and other family members

Providing temporary breaks for caregivers through short-term, scheduled respite for children, youth and adults, based out of your home or in a respite support home owned by Community Living Essex County.

What Are Respite Supports?

Our respite supports offer temporary relief for caregivers by providing quality care to their loved one with an intellectual disability. Community Living Essex County offers both In Home Respite and Out of Home Respite. This is also a great opportunity to increase social circles by making new friends and fostering connections.

  • In Home Respite is when one of our qualified support staff supports your loved one in their own home and in their community.
  • Out of Home Respite offers a “Home Away From Home” where loved ones can stay at a Community Living Essex County owned respite home.
Respite boy playing in playground

Who Are These Services For?

Our respite services are offered to caregivers of children and adults with intellectual disabilities residing in Essex County.

A Home Away From Home

Offers respite opportunities for children under 18 from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. We currently have three children’s respite homes spread across the county. Respite is provided all year long except for holiday weekends. Additional respite is offered during March Break and two weeks in the summer months.

Offers respite for adults over the age of 18 from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. We have two Adult Respite homes also spread across the county, providing respite all year long except holiday weekends.


Community Living Essex County’s flexible respite options offering families and caregivers a short break while providing children, youth and adults with intellectual disabilities opportunities to participate in their communities, form friendships, learn new skills, and have fun!


Respite girl playing in playground

Select-a-Break Options Include:

  • Respite in the evening for a few hours overnight respite
  • Respite during daytime hours
  • Respite with a Host Family
  • Respite in your own home or in a Community Living home